Catastrophe Solutions International

Specialized in process management and repair
of mass damages on vehicles caused by hail storms

Your Trusted Service Partner for Hail Damages on Vehicles

Catastrophe Solutions International (CSI) has started its operations in Europe in 2013. As an ISO-certified company, we are striving worldwide to reach our main goal - customer exaltation. Ever since, CSI has actively been pursuing this philosophy by introducing top-notch technology and bringing innovative solutions to the market, making CSI one of the biggest players in the highly competitve automotive hail market. Every hail storm is unique, and as such requires flexible management solutions paired with highest quality standards in repair. We understand our customers' individual needs and tailor our services to their satisfaction all based on modular services and customized project designs.

Our strength is based on operational experience and applied technology throughout the value chain

  • Highest quality standard and full-service repair handling
  • Application of new technologies and process innovations
  • Process transparency with digital live monitoring
  • Worldwide availability for the automatic hail damage scan
  • Vast experience in handling mass damage events
  • Creation of hail damage reports for damaged vehicles
  • Global network of employees, selected partners, and certified service providers


  • Collaboration on compound projects and repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles damaged by hail storms
  • Repair of several thousand commercial vehicles in Spain in 2018
  • Project execution in time and budget
  • Daily digital reporting about the repair status of all concerned vehicles

Innovation Group

  • Collaboration in managing hail damage catastrophes and repairing hail damaged vehicles locally
  • Full-service package for body shops including project management and repair of end customers' vehicles on site
  • Setup of temporary popup hail repair locations providing all services from damage inspection to handling the complete repair process

AG Insurance

  • AG Car Repair Days 2018 with 2,500 customers as well as 50 CSI PDR specialists (Paintless Dent Repair) and CSI hail managers
  • Paintless Dent Repair among others on oldtimers, classic rallye classic, Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, Maserati, and Jaguar
  • Collaboration in mass damage events in Belgium: setup of a regional popup hail damage inspection center using the Adomea hail damage scanner and CSI as repair partner

Use of mobile paint booths and solutions to add repair capacity in regions affected by massive hail damages caused by hail storms

CSI offers to handle the whole paint process locally in the hail area - from preparation over painting to finish

  • Availability of CSI paint capacities in addition to regional, heavily overloaded body shops
  • All hail damages can be repaired locally on site
  • Solid, mobile paint booths; applicable inside and outdoors
  • Drill-down process optimisation as CSI coordinates and manages all operations from a single source
  • Short stand-down times
  • No transportation cost
  • High quality and efficient utilization management of resources

Our Services for...

Insurance Companies

  • Organisation of and support with mass damage inspections
  • Vehicle hail damage scan
  • Repair

Logistics Compounds

  • Customized solutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Repair

Dealerships & Body Shops

  • On-site support for insurance experts
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Project management & repair

The CSI Capabilities


Lowest paint rate in the market. Involvement of internationally experienced managers and PDR technicians with legal work permits.


Application of digital process monitoring with customizable reports. Worldwide first provider of the hail damage scanner for verhicles.


Individual solutions are tailor-made to the project. Together with the customer, we define the optimal process on site.

Customer Exaltation

Our strengths are your advantage! Customer exaltation is our main objective.


Immediate availability on site, fast damage assessment, direct project offer, and subsequent work initiation.